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This is my personal set of pages for information related to Selby RUFC.
Like all sites it is very much a work in progress.
These set of pages are currently focused on the U17 side for the 2010/2011 season.
Previously it was the U16 2009/2010 season. Document downloads from this previous season are still available.
GPS Points of Interest (POI) files.

 Updated 06/09/2010 to include Ilkley RUFC.
 Updated 01/04/2010 to include Northallerton RFC.
 Updated 23/03/2010 to include Blackpool RUFC (possible tour venue).
 Updated 22/02/2010 to include York RI.

I have created a Points of Interest (POI) file for all the Yorkshire clubs that Selby Juniors visit.
There are also some others including the international venues (Twickenham, Murrayfield, etc.)
It includes Selby RUFC itself, so is suitable for passing onto other clubs, family and friends.

The files for the Garmin devices are a csv file with the data and an icon file (rugby ball) for the location.
Unzip and place the files into your POI directory.
These POI can be uploaded to suitable devices using Garmin's POILoader (link click here)

The TomTom POI is an ov2 file and can be uploaded via a link to your TomTom off your PC

These may be of use to owners of other GPS makes but I have not been able to verify this.

Whilst I have checked the accuracy as best as I can however neither me nor Selby RUFC can take any responsibility for the files, their use and or for any issues you may have through accessing an external site.
rugby ball icon Garmin csv and bmp zip file icon  zip file (size 4Kb)
rugby ball icon TomTom ov2 zip file icon  zip file (size 2Kb)
rugby ball icon All files zip file icon  zip file (size 5Kb)
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